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3 Makeup Looks That Are Giving Us Major Island Vibes

by Arsalan Haider 30 May 2023

Makeup for women has become a standard for perfection. It is like an inevitable trait to look acceptable in society. Yes, this is how much makeup has become a style statement for women and the people around us. It is a habit, a habit that we are responsible to introduce. 

The new trends have introduced a unique makeup look that gives the spectators a unique feeling of serenity. The new styles of makeup with quality makeup products turn you into an irresistible diva, hard to resist. The art of makeup that gives us island vibes lies in the quality of products and makeup brushes used to apply the makeup.

This article is composed of a unique compilation of makeup steps that gives you a flawless makeup finish. Keep reading to get your hands on the significant tricks to express your personality and individuality.

Premium Makeup Steps

A desire to look the best is the dream of every woman. Surely, you have also come here looking for tricks to achieve that dream. A classy makeup finish is originally a very easy task. The secret is simply to follow a few steps, in a sequence! We will discuss the best makeup chart with you that will help you to live your dream.

Moisturize After Cleansing Your Face

The episode starts with cleansing your face. Cleanse your face using the right face wash, according to your skin style. Gently wash your face with lukewarm water. After cleansing, apply a face toner to moisturize the skin. Skin toner is known to gently refresh your skin while guarding the skin’s natural moisture.

A toner keeps the skin nourished and moisturized while ideally enhancing its young appearance. Oily skin types can benefit from a toner for oily skin to better prepare for makeup without removing the skin's natural moisture.

After freshening your skin with a liquid toner, apply a primer makeup that allows the skin to absorb a foundation and the rest of the makeup that you will apply ahead. The best primer for your skin is the one that is suitable to your skin type. Always purchase the products keeping your skin type in mind.

Laying a Foundation

After preparing your skin with moisture and care, get ready to apply a liquid foundation. Gently apply a foundation and spread it evenly using a beauty sponge. In the vast collection of powder & liquid foundation available at Rios, choose one according to your comfort. If you are a user of Powder Foundation, then use the best makeup brushes set to evenly spread the powder through the whole face.

Hair Highlights

The world is becoming more prone to add more to the style. In addition to flawless makeup, women also color their hair to further enhance their looks. The old era also put great importance on hairstyles, but now coloring has also grabbed attention. Order a premium quality highlighter palette from Rios to highlight your hair with attractive colors for a divine look. Use a highlighter pen that provides unique ease in highlighting hair. A good highlighter pen highlights hair gently.

Hair highlights can significantly enhance your overall look by adding depth, dimension, and brightness to your hair. They can help to frame your face, create the illusion of volume, and bring out your natural features. Highlights also provide versatility, allowing you to experiment with different shades and styles. They can boost your confidence and make you feel refreshed and stylish.

CC and BB Cream for Skin Protection

In addition to makeup, protecting your skin using high quality skin care products carry more importance. A proper skin care routine keeps skin radiant for a proper makeup finish.

Purchase the top BB cream foundation to nourish and moisturize skin. while shielding it from damaging solar light. To maintain the skin looking young and to balance out the tone, apply the best CC cream. For an even skin tone, the best-branded CC and BB creams are a need. A multipurpose product called BB cream or a beauty balm cream combines the advantages of a moisturizer, foundation, and sunscreen into one.

Vitamin C Serum to Safe Skin from Makeup Side effects

With a vitamin C serum, you can cure and brighten your skin effectively. A vitamin face serum refines pores, resurfaces, and brightens skin. Online retailers like Rios make it simple to find the best vitamin C serum in Pakistan. It is a skincare product made to deliver potent active chemicals to the skin immediately. 

A best vitamin C Serum often contains a high concentration of active substances including peptides, antioxidants, and vitamins that aid to moisturize, brighten, firm, and shield the skin from harm. Your skin type will determine which vitamin C serum is best for you to use in order to achieve the ideal makeup look. Your makeup will look more refined with the use of serum.


Your whole appearance and confidence can change significantly depending on how well your makeup is applied. There are numerous products and methods available to assist you create your chosen look, regardless of the type of makeup finish you choose. When choosing your makeup products and application techniques, it's crucial to take your skin type and the occasion into account.

The best role of makeup is to keep you looking elegant and glowing all day. It heavily depends on the makeup products you choose and how well you achieve your desired look. So, continue experimenting with your appearance while using different skin products for your skin type. Perfect cosmetics application has the same calming effect as being on a serene island.

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