Flormar Illuminating Primer Base

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First step of a long-lasting and glowing make-up. Make-up base is the first step of a long-lasting and glowing make-up. Illuminating Primer Make-Up Base protects and nourishes your skin with its special formula while offering the best skin make-up. Containing green tea extracts and Akai berry, rich in antioxidants, Flormar make-up base ensures a comfortable feel on your skin with a fine layer. It also protects the skin against the signs of early aging.  After applying moisturizer and waiting for it to be absorbed (except for the eye area), you can apply Illuminating Primer Make-up Base on your face and neck area. 


Apply a daily moisturizer to the face and wait a few minutes for it be absorbed. Then apply Makeup Base gently to face and neck area (except eye contour). Continue with a foundation.

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