Glitter Sealant Stick RIOS
Vendor: Rivaj HD

Rivaj HD Glitter Sealant Stick

Subtotal: Rs.1,645.00


It is designed to make eye shadows adhere in place all day long and prevent fallout. This quick-dry, witty, and easy to apply glitter stick is specially designed to make your eye shadow adhesively connected all day long. This ingenious tapered tip can be used on top of any color of your choice allowing you to connect your eye shadow with just one swipe, as it has been specially formulated to fasten any type of eyeshadow from loose pigments to pressed glitters.


  • Zero Fallout
  • Sheer Finish
  • Works All-day

How to USE:

  • This lipstick shape doom is designed to apply easily to your eyelid.
  • Just hold it and apply it to your eyelids before applying any base or eyeshadows.
  • 2 to 3 strokes are enough to adhesively bind your shadows.

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