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Gillette Triumph Sport Clear Gel Deodorant Stick 70ml

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Gillette Sport Triumph Antiperspirant Gel 48h 70ml promises to keep the armpit skin dry and fresh for hours long without staining the clothes. With the Gillette Sport Triumph Antiperspirant Gel 48h, you can use any piece of clothing no matter its color, with the confidence that will remain impeccable, as it does not leave any stains. In addition to all of this, this antiperspirant protects your skin from perspiration and odor for up to 48 hours. So you can remain as impeccable and fresh as your clothes. It's ideal for training and exercising!

How to use

Use Gillette Sport Triumph Antiperspirant Gel 48h 70ml directly on clean and dry skin. Firstly, apply by sliding the inbuilt applicator on the armpit skin with back and forth movements. Stop once you have covered the whole area with a thin layer of product. Then, let the formula dry for a few seconds before getting dressed.

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